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Rising Phoenix Photography, LLC


Spring Hill, FL


Our goal is your 100% satisfaction. We will either retake and/or reprint the photograph, or refund your money if you’re not happy, period.


Based in Spring Hill, FL and serving Hernando and surrounding counties, Rising Phoenix Photography offers wedding, family, child, dog/pet, sports, general portrait, school, and headshot photography.

Bill Pierson
Lead Photographer/Owner
Bill is a Marine Corps Veteran who proudly served at New River Air Station as a GE T-64 Turboshaft jet engine mechanic. After being medically retired in 1992, Bill has worked primarily in the IT industry, working as a Systems Administrator, programmer, developer, and CTO for the past 23 years.
Bill: "After realizing that my art/creative skills were lacking, I turned to my life-long love of programming and technology. I've always had a love of photography, but it was based on automatic settings and low-quality cameras. After buying my first Canon film camera off eBay with a great lens and shooting primarily in automatic mode, the photos that it produced blew me away compared to the cameras that I used prior. I immediately I started to dive into what makes a camera work. Aperture, shutter, ISO, framing, off-camera lighting - all the tech and settings behind it appealed to me, and eventually, I learned that it was possible to use the technology of a camera to be creative and evoke emotion. Photo guru Will Vragovic introduced me to what a quality digital camera coupled with the right lens can produce, if enough forethought and care is put into the shot before hitting the shutter button.
Nothing pleases me more than being able to adequately capture the moment for someone. Whether it be a pet, a bride and groom, a child smiling with a goofy face, a headshot, a location - whatever. When I hand someone a photo and they smile, words can't describe how much it pleases my soul.
I'm fortunate to have worked with some talented photographers over the years. This was from 2010 at a Help-Portrait, where we took photos of families and sent them to service members who were actively serving. I'm the dude with the red shirt, along with my good friends JR Hutchinson, Barry Tillis, Will Vragovic, and Chris Fiffie:
Video by Tristan Wheelock

Michele Pierson
Studio Manager/Co-Owner
Wearer of the Easter Bunny suit, squeaker of the toys, and provider of outstanding customer service, Michele goes above and beyond to make sure everything runs as smooth as possible.

Profile Image: Will Vragovic


Will Vragovic

Tampa, FL ·

Will, who is currently snapping shots for the Tampa Bay Rays, is an exceptional photographer, teacher, and mentor. He selflessly shared valuable knowledge, which helped in sparking a deep desire for photography and to not settle for average.

Zack Arias – One Light Workshop

St. Petersurg, FL ·

Zack is an outstanding teacher. Controlling light is critical, and Zack has a great way of explaining and demonstrating that make it fun and easy to understand.

Lighten Up and Shoot

Ybor City ·

Mikey and Andy, who to my knowledge no longer offer photography training, provided great insight on camera settings, lighting, and most importantly – how to have fun and create a fun environment for all involved in a photo shoot.

Erik Valind

Ybor City, FL ·

I met Erik at a Lighten Up and Shoot workshop. He’s a very patient and knowledgeable teacher, great at explaining complex topics so that they are understandable.

Jasmine Star

Online ·

Jasmine offers great insight on wedding photography.